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Unwind with our top 10 self-care tips to de-stress yourself

Let's be real this isn't the easiest time of year. We've all suffered from varying amounts of January blues. We've decided to cheer ourselves up and kick stress to the curb with some serious self-care. Our Self-Care Sundays series bring all sorts of different workshops to unwind. We've tried our hands at ceramicsbrewed kombucha tea, delved into lucid dreaming and much more. Here, our members and team share their favourite self-care practices to relax and reduce tension. Say hello to your less stressed self!

Here are our top 10 tried and tested self-care tips to unwind this month:

1. Indulge in a sauna session

Both The Collective Old Oak and Canary Wharf have a spa and sauna where you can put this to the test.

2. Make a simple face mask

Honey has anti-microbial properties that – although a bit sticky – will leave your skin feeling fresh and new. You can find recipes for all sorts of simple store cupboard face masks online. 

3. Short spurts of yoga and meditation

Set aside 10-15 minutes for a quick yoga session in the morning to warm up your body for the day ahead, and again before bed to reset your body before a night’s rest. “It always helps me to relax and close my mind,” said our community leader Tia. She leads our Rise and Shine morning yoga and Wind Down evening yoga classes at The Collective Old Oak.

4. The magic of morning music

Our member Michaela said: “As soon as I get up, I put on my favourite song and dance and sing to it.” Nothing better than dancing like no one’s watching.

5. Read a book and switch off your phone data

It’s rare to give your mind a break from constantly being plugged in. Sometimes it feels good to take it old-school, with a worn-in hardcover book for comfort; and without the constant interruption of emails and texts.

6. Catch up with close friends over a pot or two of herbal tea

We’ve been digging turmeric of late, for its healing properties and anti-inflammatory effects. Cosy up with a cuppa in front of the library fireplace at The Collective Old Oak.

7. Send yourself roses!

Who says roses are only for Valentine's Day? If you need a pick-me-up or reminder that you’re loved, treat yourself to a bouquet delivery to brighten up your room or office space.

8. Set up the ultimate relaxing ambiance

Our community manager Jenny said: “My absolute favourite way to unwind is to grab my best smelling candle (currently Pumpkin Trifle by Yankee Candle), switch on the fairy lights and vibe out to some music. Works every time.”

9. Guided meditation

Go solo and try 10 minutes of meditation to some calming music, to set the tone and energy for the day ahead. If you're new to the practise or find yourself going off path, the meditation app Headspace works wonders too.

10. Red wine, home-cooked food and jazz music

Need we say more?

What are your favourite ways to relax and unwind? Let us know on our Instagram, and we’ll re-share your tips!