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We are a growing global team who care about people, and want to change the way they live through shared spaces and experiences. We believe being a part of community leads to more fulfilling lives for everyone: this belief is at heart of everything we do and comes to life in all the one-of-a-kind buildings we design and operate.

Co-living is a new way of living inspired by the old, with community and collective experiences at its core. Starting with the basics, it offers shared spaces such as bars, restaurants, gyms, libraries, laundry, roof terraces, hot desks and more. Using space to bring everyone together, we are creating collaborative and inspiring environments that expose members to new people, new ideas and new experiences.

If you’re new to the city, be it New York or London, it’s your home away from home and a great place to make new friends. If you’re a native, it’s your new scene. If you're an entrepreneur, it’s your future network. Co-living is for anyone who values community and convenience and is ready to embrace a new way to stay and live.

While each of our buildings is unique, all are designed to help people to connect and bring people together. With this in mind, we have multiple spaces to suit any occasion and all your needs – from spas to shared kitchens, cinema screens to laundry rooms, and restaurants to co-working spaces, we have it all under one roof.

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