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Life at The Collective

If you’ve yet to set foot in one of our spaces, it can be hard to imagine what life’s really like there. That’s why we asked a few of our members to tell you in their own words. Hear from Serwan, Alice and Calvin as they share their personal journeys of living at Old Oak. Each has a different story but all three have found inspiration, connection, and support within our spaces.

Wether like Serwan, you're inspired by how the architecture is built for connection; like Alice, you're looking for friendship and community; or like Calvin, you'd benefit from collaborating with other entrepreneurs; The Collective really has something for everyone.

"London - for many people - is a very lonely place." Says Serwan an architecture student from Kurdistan. "Being at The Collective really opened my eyes to how this building tackles social isolation."

Serwan finding inspiration in The Library
Calvin working from The Secret Garden.