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It’s crystal clear: a chat with crystal healer Ruby Larimar

Crystal healing has been growing in popularity, particularly in 2018. At The Collective we invited holistic therapist and crystal healer Ruby Larimar to teach us how crystals can help quiet the mind to enhance our sleep. Here, we delve into all things crystals.

So, what’s the deal with the crystal trend away? How do they work?

Ruby Larimar: As a human race, we are evolving, with noticeable changes in the last decade. In various aspects of our lives, we are shifting towards making more life-affirming choices that nurture rather than deplete us – especially with regards to food choices, therapies, preservation of our environment and in general becoming aware of the importance of our overall wellbeing mentally, emotionally and physically.

This raised awareness has naturally resulted in an increased trend with people consciously choosing to connect with crystals on a deeper level for their metaphysical properties: reconnecting with the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors who used crystals for their healing properties, rather than just for their aesthetic beauty and monetary value.

The best way for our rational mind to understand how crystals work is for us to connect with the basic theory of quantum physics; everything in this universe, including us, is made from the same building blocks, and everything has its own vibration and frequency. Crystals emit tiny electrical impulses which are received and recognised by the body’s neurological and subtle energy systems.

The energy of the crystals by their nature, colour & family are used to clear, boost or sedate the subtle energy of our body bringing it back into harmony which is our natural state of being.

How did you get into crystals as a career?

Throughout my life, I have always been drawn to precious stones for their aesthetic beauty, until my life transforming journey to Brazil in 2012.

During my visit, I visited mineralogists that provided me with the opportunity to connect with the potential healing properties that each crystal holds. I discovered how the crystal kingdom could support me with my own healing journey. I had my ‘ah ha!’ moment and became aware of why in my past I had been drawn to certain precious stones in my life – it was not for the aesthetic beauty as I had believed, but it was because I needed to connect with their healing properties to support me through my life.

An example is a Citrine ring I purchased in my early 20s. I am now aware I was drawn to it because I needed to connect with the energies of confidence and joy.

I came back from Brazil to the UK and enrolled on an accredited crystal healing course. Having a deep sense of knowing that crystals and sound would play a pivotal role in my life, I embarked on my healing journey with a deeper desire than ever before to heal the traumas I had experienced from childhood, which contributed towards the poor choices and destructive behavioural patterns that lead to obstacles in many areas of my life before 2012.

My journey began with a deep desire to transform myself. After reaping the benefits of transformation on all levels of being, connecting with a deep level of inner peace and wholeness, my desire was to share the knowledge and wisdom to support others to help them receive the life-transforming benefits I had had. I embarked on a career in holistic therapy offering various therapies of which crystal therapy is at the foundation.

Throughout my healing journey, I have connected with the mantra ‘Physician heal thy self,’ which enables me to embrace the theory of healing using the crystal kingdom in its fullness and embody the knowledge, wisdom and benefits in a practical and experiential way.

What are some misconceptions about crystal healing?

Myth 1: We choose the crystal.

When in fact, the crystals choose us. They emit energy we connect with on a subtle level.

Myth 2: Crystals are a miracle cure.

They support and enhance you on your journey through life; we have to connect and work with them.

Myth 3: Crystal healing goes against religious beliefs and you have to believe they will work for them to work.

Crystals come from the earth and have an intelligence of their own. They also connect us with the energies of mother earth and father sky.

Tell us the top 5 must-have crystals and what they can do.

  1. Ametrine – Brings together into a single crystal the beautiful energies of Citrine & Amethyst. It joins the crown with the solar plexus and helps us break ego-centered addictions and bad habits.
  2. Shungite – Protects us from the electromagnetic smog of our gadgets.
  3. Mangano Calcite – Helps to keep us in our heart centre, the place of unconditional love.
  4. Lepidolite – The ultimate stone to help us with mental stress and overload.
  5. Milky Quartz – Helps us heal the underlying programs that run in our psyche from early childhood.

What is the link between crystals and sleep?

The modern world has become very demanding and people in the western world are generally finding their quality and quantity of sleep is decreasing, with a detrimental effect on their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

For example, poor sleep can affect many areas of our lives – from poor concentration and productivity to mental health issues and so much more.

Working with crystals, we connect with their healing properties helping to support and address core issues that affect all of us. Everything from stress, anxiety and financial worries, to limiting belief patterns, motivations, and even geopathic stress can keep us awake at night. This can leave us feeling exhausted and depleted of vital energy that we need to function daily.

Working with the crystal kingdom, we can gain insight into what is causing our worry and help us make any changes that are required in our lives allowing us to live a more fulfilled life on all levels.

What can we expect from your workshop at The Collective?

The workshop will be a mix of theory and practice, providing a basic introduction to crystals and learning how to cleanse, store and activate them. This will allow members to personally connect and experience for yourselves their metaphysical properties, gaining an understanding in how you can use crystals in your life to support health and wellbeing.

In addition, we will be journeying deeper into the crystal kingdom with a beautiful mediation with crystals and sound. This is a wonderful opportunity to take time out for yourself to replenish, energise and receive.

I have worked with crystals for more than six years as a healer, workshop facilitator, teacher and mentor. I will be sharing my knowledge and wisdom on how crystals can help transform your life, as they have been a big part of my life and healing journey allowing me to be where I am today.

My intention is for each participant to leave the workshop feeling relaxed, refreshed and inspired; transforming their mind, body and soul.

Members can register for the event on The Collective app. See more content from our amazing events programme on our blog.