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How to Perform an Autumn Cleansing Ritual at Home with Emerald and Tiger

Earlier this month we invited Emerald & Tiger to guide us through an autumn cleansing ritual to welcome in the Autumn Equinox. This conscious lifestyle brand is run by experts on aura cleansing and energetic space. They use a mixture of ancient practices and simple everyday techniques such as sound, salt baths. crystals and aura combing. 

Our session was lead by Rebecca who taught us all about the power of cleansing rituals and how they welcome in the change that a new season brings. Always keen to learn, we asked Rebecca for some take home tips on how to do an a cleansing ritual at home. Read on for her top five techniques.

1. Set an intention

Before you begin any energy cleansing ritual it’s important to have an intention in mind. What do you wish to release? What would you like to call in? How do you want your home to feel? Envision your intention expanding beyond you, into your living space, clearing away any unwanted energy.

2. Declutter

Are there physical items in your home that you no longer need, or that no longer bring you joy? Are there summer items you can pack away? Keeping your living space clean and clutter-free creates less energetic congestion.

3. Purify with Sacred Smoke

Burning or ’smudging’ is an ancient practice used to cleanse a person or space by burning medicinal herbs. The herbs are tied into a bundle and dried, before being burned for their sacred smoke. Smudging with sage is commonly known for its potent purifying qualities, but many other herbs can be used, each carrying their own healing properties.

4. Let the air in

As it gets colder outside, it can be tempting to keep the windows closed and the breeze out. But this traps stale and stagnant energy inside. Allow fresh air to circulate, refreshing your home and filling it with clean, positive energy.

5. Take a salt water bath

Salt is an incredible natural resource for absorbing negative energy. After you’ve tended to the cleansing of your living space, take a relaxing soak with a couple of handfuls of sea salt to enhance the cleansing of your body and aura.


Practitioner, Rebecca Moore @stillbeckyidol