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Become a Vermouth pro with these 5 cocktails recipes from Discarded

We’ve been chatting to the team at Discarded, who know a thing or two about vermouth. They make theirs from the left-over fruit (cascara) from the coffee making process. It’s deep red in colour, and rich and fruity in flavour, in other words, the perfect base for their delicious sweet vermouth. What was once going to waste, is sure to become your new favourite drink.

They’ve shared their take on the classic Negroni, along with some of their other signature cocktails. Give some of these tipples a try and you’ll be a vermouth pro in no time.

Discarded will also be serving up their drinks at The Collective Canary Wharf preview party next week. Head to @thecollective_living for a chance to win tickets.


  • 35ml Discarded
  • 35ml Monkey Shoulder
  • 35ml Campari
  • Orange Zest


  • 50ml Discarded
  • 150 - 200ml Tonic
  • Orange Zest


  • 45ml Discarded
  • 45ml Hendrick's Gin
  • 30ml Orange juice
  • Orange bitters
  • Cocktail Cherry


  • 50ml Discarded
  • 75ml Prosecco
  • Orange Slices
  • Mint Leaves


  • 75ml Discarded
  • Orange bitters
  • Orange zest