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Old Oak


Live somewhere that’s home, and so much more.

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Introducing Co-Living at Old Oak

More than just bricks and mortar, The Collective Old Oak is a vibrant community that uses shared spaces and facilities to create a more fulfilling lifestyle. Home to over 500 people from all walks of life, all our members share a curious mind and a desire to live their life in a more connected way with the people around them.

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Members rent their own private studio apartment, with access to numerous beautiful shared spaces and daily community events. With amenities including a gym, launderette and supermarket, a variety of shared spaces for working, relaxing and socialising, and regular community led events, everything is designed to provide a unique way of living that encourages a sense of community and collaboration. Old Oak offers a wide range of events and activities; from exercise and yoga, to live music, board games, coding classes and film nights, there is always something to suit everyone. Old Oak also encourages its members to contribute to the community by creating new clubs, outings and events.

The benefits of co-living

We know that one of the most daunting things about moving is feeling isolated or alone. Whether you're new to the city, trying to meet new people, starting a business or building your career, co-living at Old Oak helps you to feel part of something bigger. Whether it's in your private apartment, or in one of our more quiet shared spaces like the library or spa, Old Oak provides ample space for you to take a bit of much needed time out.

Meet your community hosts who will guide you through life at Old Oak

What to expect

The co-living experience is designed to be hassle-free, unlocking your time to get shit done. Rent, bills, council tax, cleaning and linen changes are all included in one simple monthly payment, and our dedicated community team are available 24/7.

All Inclusive Bill
Bi-weekly Room Cleaning
On-site Maintenance
Ultra Fast Wifi
Access To Events
Security Guards 24/7
Fully Furnished Personal Space
Laundry Facilities

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A space for everyone

Each floor of Old Oak has unique co-living spaces that are designed to bring the community together, and provide the perfect environment, no matter your mood.


Private Bathroom

Private Kitchenette

Starting at  £290per week

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Private Bathroom

Kitchen shared with 1 person

Starting at  £245per week

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What’s included

  • All-inclusive bill
    All-inclusive bill
  • On-site maintenance
    On-site maintenance
  • Linen change
    Linen change
  • Bi-weekly room clean
    Bi-weekly room clean
  • Wifi
  • Community outings
    Community outings
  • Community clubs
    Community clubs
  • Networking
  • Access to events
    Access to events
  • Community team 24/7
    Community team 24/7
Safety & Security
  • Secured door entry
    Secured door entry
  • Secured bike storage
    Secured bike storage
  • Security guards 24/7
    Security guards 24/7
  • Building wide CCTV
    Building wide CCTV
  • Fully furnished personal space
    Fully furnished personal space
  • Laundry facilities
    Laundry facilities
  • Private dining room
    Private dining room
  • Shared kitchen
    Shared kitchen
  • Outdoor space
    Outdoor space
  • Private event space
    Private event space
  • Grocery store
    Grocery store
  • Restaurant
  • Gym

Rooms starting at

£245 per week

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