The Collective London Accelerator 2019 is here. Ready?

A 12-week programme for social entrepreneurs who build connected communities. Applications are open until May 17th.

Our Focus for 2019 is:

Building Connected Communities

Social Integration

We support companies that make communities more socially inclusive, and enhance a sense of belonging.

Economic Opportunity

We support companies that empower those who are disadvantaged by our existing systems, and help to develop their skills.

Environmental Sustainability

We support companies that focus on behavioural change to create more sustainable communities.

Health & Wellbeing

We support companies that make communities healthier, specifically by helping people to improve and maintain their mental health.

Speakers and Workshops

Learn Engage Grow

Gain practical tools to improve your business, through 1-on-1 coaching sessions and group workshops on business fundamentals such as fundraising, marketing, and leadership skills.

“I have gained clarity and every workshop allowed me to add to a long-term strategy for my business.”

Italo Alves

Founder, TODXS

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Guide Inspire Educate

Get paired with a successful entrepreneur or leader in your industry to learn from their experience.

"My sessions with my mentor have been invaluable in helping us to see a bigger picture of our business and how to move forwards."

Katy Renwick

Imperfectly Good

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Live Work Play

Gain access to The Collective's co-living community, which means launching your product in front of hundreds of potential users.

"I've learned what community really means now, and how important it is to have people around you who can support you."

Shaney Vijendranath

You, Baby and I

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Introductions to Partners and Investors

Meet Connect Collaborate

Get introduced to our network of partners and investors who have the resources to skyrocket your business.

"The programme helped me to get integrated in the London start-up ecosystem, and enabled me to find my first potential investors, get new client leads and supporters."

Berat Kjamili

Founder, Migport

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Dates: September 1st, 2019 - November 22nd, 2019.

Programme Details

We offer a 12-week part-time mentorship-driven programme, tailored to the specific needs of each selected start-up. We will select a total of 10 entrepreneurs for this year's cohort. For more information on the programme, please click on the Download Brochure button below.


The programme will take place in The Collective Canary Wharf, a new co-living building in London that opens in June 2019.


The programme will run for 12 weeks from September 1st until November 22nd, 2019.


The expected commitment for the first two weeks is 25 hours per week, and for the last ten weeks it's 8-10 hours per week.


Your business makes a positive impact in one of our Focus Areas, is less than 5 years old, UK-based and is already up and running.


Participation is entirely free of charge and funded by The Collective Foundation. We do not take any equity or fee.

How to Apply

Fill in the application form by May 17th, 2019.

Next Steps

Successful candidates will be asked to join Round 2, in which they will be asked to answer further questions and to send a pitch video.

Final Selection

On May 27th, the top 20 start-ups will be invited to our Selection Day on June 22nd, when we will select the final 10 participants.

Meet some of our Global Alumni

We believe in the power of people banding together for good
René Espinoza Lazarillo, Chile

Helping people with visual disabilities to connect with their environment with the use of an app, improving their autonomy and quality of life.

Gwen Yi Tribeless, Malaysia

Changing the way people connect on a grassroots level, by building tools that create a culture of empathy in communities and organisations.

Sarah Tuck Coliberate, New Zealand

Improving the mental health of New Zealanders through innovative mental health gyms.

Berat Kjamili Q-Zenobia, Turkey

Providing registrations, a debit card, news and job opportunities to refugees and leveraging big data analytics to optimise refugee programmes.

Katy Renwick Imperfectly Good, United Kingdom

Feeding those most in need by turning perfectly good surplus ingredients into delicious food.

Tram Anh Nguyen Thi Sumi, Vietnam

Supporting isolated teenagers through an AI-chatbot.

Andrei Toma Homepod, Romania

Helping to procure architectural accessories, thus empowering people to mitigate climate change more easily, and with less cost.

Shaney Vijendranath You, Baby and I, South Africa

Helping new mothers through the journey of motherhood through a curated community and relevant content.

Arthur Gopak Alpha Gamma, Latvia

Helping young professionals discover and take advantage of life-changing career opportunities through an online platform and community.

Juliana Gutierrez Low Carbon City, Colombia

Mobilising young people to tackle climate change in cities through a global movement of events and youth participation..

Charles Lipenge Maestros Leadership Team, Malawi

Engaging the youth in schools and out of schools in working towards achieving the sustainable development goals set by the UN.

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Our Impact: 20 social ventures 700,000 lives impacted in 2018

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