The Collective Foundation

Solving urban problems with a new generation of citizens


Cities are evolving faster than ever before, putting stress on persistent problems such as lack of affordable housing and migration in urban areas. Governments and philanthropic ventures are still using old ways to tackle new challenges.

At The Collective Foundation, we envision a world where people come together to confront the most pressing urban issues of our time. We believe that ordinary citizens can do extraordinary things collectively.

Imagine if we took risks together, side-by-side and living in one hub. What could our cities look like?

The Collective Global Accelerator

We want to tackle the toughest challenges that people in cities face worldwide. Launching this year, The Collective Global Accelerator (CGA) is designed to support entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world. Our 4-week immersive programme invites aspiring changemakers to live at The Collective Old Oak and gain access to the mindset, tools and networks they need to grow their social enterprises and make a real difference for people in need.

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The Collective Moonshots Initiative

The Collective Moonshots Initiative is a bi-monthly micro-grant programme that awards £1.000 to innovative teams of Collectivists who come up with an idea for launching a project that contributes positively to the local community.

The Moonshots Initiative taps into the potential of the creative, ambitious and entrepreneurial minds of our communities, and gives them the resources to turn their bold ideas into reality.

More information on this programme will come soon. Please contact if you are interested in applying to this grant.

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