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February 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day playlist for modern lovebirds

Alyssa Jaffer

It’s a day to celebrate your relationships, and what better way to share the love than through the gift of music? Zeena Shah and Zack McLaughlin are a creative couple that live in East London. We asked them to share their favourite songs with us this Valentine’s, and put together a whimsical mix of tunes to keep us dancing for the rest of February. The two picked out their best numbers, with glimpses of the little moments in which for them, music becomes a language of love.

We’re always pretty rubbish at remembering Valentine’s Day but will always find time to spend together and love any excuse to listen to our favourite songs. You’ll often find us dancing around in the kitchen or whilst brushing our teeth to these tunes!

Zeena & Zack


Zack’s picks:

Riptide – Every time this track is played it makes me smile as it evokes memories of Zeena singing out loud and getting the words completely wrong, but we love to sing it out loud to each other all the same.

Hello – We are quite silly together, but that is why I love Zeena, this song is another singing out loud classic that we whack the volume up and sing our hearts out together!

At last – It took a while to find the love of my life, but just as this song says, she came along “At last”! (We do sing along together to this one too!)

La vie en rose – I adore this song as well as Louis voice and I really do see life through rose tinted glasses when I’m with Zeena.

zeena shah
Image courtesy of @heartzeena

Zeena’s jams: 

How do you like your eggs in the morning? – Fast becoming one of our weekend rituals, a weekend doesn’t go by without some type of egg filled breakfast or brunch dish. I used to sing the words to Zack whilst serving up all kinds of eggs.

Beyond the sea –This always makes me think of Zack

as he is always at home beside the seaside and we often joke about how I love the city and he the sea and couldn’t be more different and the same.

Shape of you – No playlist is complete without a little bit of Ed Sheeran! This one is definitely one of my favourites rather than Zack’s, and I’m always signing it at him! 

My funny Valentine –We both adore Ella Fitzgerald her voice is a delight. This song couldn’t be more us. Funny old Valentine’s!

We hope you enjoy our favourites this Valentine’s Day!

Zeena & Zack x

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