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March 20, 2019

The Collective goes stateside

The Collective

Say hello to our first U.S. location and the worldwide debut of our short stay solution, which offers the co-living experience from a single night up to a few weeks.

Since we started eyeing the borough of Queens, we’ve been enthralled by Long Island City and Astoria. Home to established institutions like MoMA PS1 and The Noguchi Museum, local business initiatives like the NYCEDC’s Entrepreneur Space, up and coming performance venues like The Arc and some of the best food in New York City, these two neighborhoods are true gems with never-ending layers of culture to explore.

As a company, we’ve always been attracted to diverse neighborhoods, which mirror the robust blend of nationalities and perspectives we try to create in our own team. The spaces we create are purpose-built in part to build on and lift up the richness of culture that surrounds us.

That’s why today we couldn’t be prouder to announce that our first operational U.S. location will sit at the nexus of Long Island City and Astoria. It’s called The Collective Paper Factory.

the collective paper factory

Over the next few months, we’ll transform the 100-year-old building, redesigning The Collective Paper Factory’s wild variety of indoor, outdoor and subterranean spaces to serve international guests and locals alike.

We’re focused not just on how people feel in our spaces, but on what they might become there. And so our program, which will be open to our members and the public, will strike a balance between intellectual growth, spiritual inspiration and cultural discovery. We’ll host a range of daily experiences, from cutting-edge local musicians to educational gatherings around the future of living to mindfulness and wellbeing workshops.

Come summer, we’ll unveil an all-day everyday food concept rooted in the comforts of home. And next year, we’ll pivot our attention to The Collective Paper Factory’s upper floors, adding more than 100 bedrooms to its current count of 125.

the collective paper factoryBut that’s not all: The Collective Paper Factory also marks the global debut of our short stay solution. Short stay offers the convenience and flexibility and full co-living experience we established with The Collective Old Oak and makes it available from a single night up to a few weeks. As with a hotel, member rates include amenities, WiFi, utilities, linen change and concierge services in a single, simplified cost.

Our first U.S. location gets us one step closer to our vision of a global network of locations for communal living and experience. Each one is a step closer to unlocking for people the freedom to work, live, explore and enjoy on their terms.

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