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August 14, 2018

Grow Programme Profiles: Meet Adam

Alyssa Jaffer

At The Collective, we believe in supporting our members to reach their full potential, and we’re constantly working towards that goal. This week, The Collective Impact team is launching the Grow Programme, a self-development initiative aimed to support members in becoming the best versions of themselves.

This month we caught up with Aden, coach and positive mind trainer, and life coach Kevin. Today we’re featuring Adam – a veteran member and personal trainer.

How do you spend your time?

Adam: I spend a lot of my time working from my laptop, either in The Exchange or in my room if I have phone calls. I cycle to and from Hammersmith to train my clients in the gym. On weekends, I try to catch up on work and be with friends.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about fitness, business, the environment.

What’s a challenge in your life right now, and how are you dealing with it?

A challenge for me is working on multiple projects at the same time and finding time to manage them, as well as having a relationship and social life.

What’s a goal you have, and how are you working towards it?

One of my goals is to build a huge online personal coaching platform and I’m working on it with some help from business coaches and module work.

Describe the Grow Programme in your own words.

The Grow Programme is a small group of like minded people who are supportive and share ideas on how to improve on each other.

Invest your time in meeting like-minded people, and in return you will learn so much.

What have you gained from the Grow Programme? What’s the best part?

I have learned about taking on micro tasks – I can improve on small goals in business, which together add up to big improvements.

What would you say to someone who’s considering partaking in self development?

I would say to invest your time in meeting like-minded people, and in return you will learn so much. Of course you will be able to share your experiences and teach others how you’ve developed.

Any other thoughts?

If you find someone within these self development groups who seems to be on the same page as you, then I would do my best to further that relationship by meeting up more regularly. 

Applications for the Grow Programme are now open and you can apply here. For any queries, please contact Impact lead Petronella Tyson or community host Hydie Warwick.

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