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April 1, 2019

London Coffee Week: Our favourite London cafes

Emily Messenger

Monday’s always got us craving coffee, for a boost into the week ahead. London Coffee Festival took over the Truman Brewery last week on Brick Lane, celebrating London’s bustling and vibrant coffee scene. It inspired us to share our favourite cafes in London for a cup of steaming joe. We got the caffeine addicts of The Collective to spill the beans about our favourite London cafes. Keep on sipping for some serious caffeine inspiration in the city, from north to south, and everywhere in between.

North London

“My favourite coffee spot across the whole of London is The Little One by Primrose Hill. It’s perfect to me in so many ways! One of which is pure convenience, as it’s just a stone’s throw from where I live so I can go nearly every day. More importantly, the coffee makes my mouth happy!  My go-to is a latte with oat milk. A delight of creamy, caffeinated goodness, and always hits the spot. Aside from the coffee, I love the vibe. I’m usually guaranteed to meet a dog whilst waiting for my cup and served by some of the loveliest people north of the river. And afterwards, I can always venture up Primrose Hill to see one of the best views of London. – Emily


East London

“I rarely drink coffee, but I love chai latte – it’s delicious, but the least coffee-like item you can order at a coffee shop. My favourite shop is on Broadway Market called Climpson & Sons. I love coffee shops that make a mark on a place. Climpson & Sons have been around for over 10 years, shaping the artisanal coffee experience for Hackney for some time now. They are all about community and convenience and its design speaks to this philosophy. They started their coffee business on the market then a shop came up – which was originally a butcher shop! They kept the original features so it’s just a continuation of history, telling a new story. From a tiny market stall, they’ve grown to have spots all over London. I just love that.” – Holly


The Collective’s Liv and Holly sipping on Perky Blenders

Central London

“My morning fix comes from Gail’s Bakery, off Tottenham Court Road in central. It’s the perfect start to the workday – I love my early stroll just before work, KeepCup in hand and order my usual oat milk dirty chai. It’s a tough order to get right, but they do a tasty mix of espresso, chai syrup, creamy oat milk with a dust of cinnamon on top. The cafe itself is sunny and welcoming, the baristas always have a friendly smile waiting for me and the pastries are lush too. Love that they offer 20p discounts for reusable cups! That sweet first sip has me dancing all the way back to the office. ” – Alyssa


South West London

“I love District Coffee in Parsons Green. Come for the cappuccino. Stay for the parma ham, rocket and onion marmalade croissant. The Aussie cafe is a little hole in the wall right by the tube station but they have some seating outside. I like to sit and just watch everyone whizzing around – coffee in hand, of course.” – Laura


South London

“My favourite coffee spot is called One And All Cafe, in Peckham. I always order a flat white with two sugars. What I love is that the barista always puts the sugars in first – which is probably a coffee sin of kind – but it makes me really happy.

One and All is a cafe with a social mission that only serves ethically sourced and sustainably produced coffee. They also have an ace pastry selection and do a damn fine jacket potato. Fundamentally good coffee and good vibes all round, you’ll often find me here catching up with my mates after a Saturday spin class.” – Jade


One last sip …

Like true city people, we have a passion for coffee and our members do too. That’s why we’ve introduced a new partnership with the wonderful team over at specialty coffee company Perky Blenders. Members, wake up and smell the coffee and enjoy discounts on their awesome coffee subscription service. Head to the app for more details.

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